Even in this age of the Internet, Publishers, the Marketing department of MNC's still have to deal with a massive load of content in the form of hard copies. Mostly, these include articles, product information and allied information in different digital formats. To make use of this data, the documents have to be either retro-digitalised, edited and converted in XML format. With the help of our own software company, TEB-SW, we provide a customised digital solution to meet client-specific needs.

We aim to emerge as industry leaders in Digitalisation, by providing a high standard of automation for digitalisation and reduce the manual efforts and the associated cost.

Following are the aspects we cover under the framework of our services:


Generally, In Publishing, customers deliver advertisements as PDF files. For newspaper publisher, the PDFs need to be taken over in the editorial system. For portal providers, the PDFs should be converted e.g. in an HTML-format. Here, we provide support both for software development and manual conversion of the files. With our teams working in Bosnia and Peru, we can update the data cost-effectively, and if desired, at different times. This enables the publishers to publish the advertisements in a subsequent period, as and when required.

Adoption of old data:

The digitalisation of already existing contents, pictures and paper archives are on the agenda for many publishers. Public radio and Television services need the digitalisation of sound and film recordings. Especially in the area of digitalisation of paper and picture archive, we offer a cost-efficient and competent solution to suit client needs.

Secondary marketing of articles:

Most of the newspaper publishers have a PDF-archive and not an XML based archive base. Conversion to XML base is the first step to make the content available to the third party, for secondary marketing. As a part of our services under digitalisation, We take over the conversion in XML with the highest degree of automation. At the same time, our team is proactive about the cost-efficient manual intervention in the transfer of data.

Publication of eBooks:

Just like newspaper publishers, book publishers also face challenges when it comes to transferring the old data into XML-files. Majorly, because the XML-files need to be transferred into other systems or different formats. Our software-based XML-solution – combined with the affordable workforce for manual intervention with technological assistance, resulting in error-free projects.

Double OCR:

We at tool-e-byte count it as our speciality when it comes to the digital conversion and conservation of difficult templates and large volumes of historical documents and old paperwork. Powered by our Double OCR, we can digitise and achieve an accuracy of up to 99.99%.

In this method, we scan the documents by two different OCR engines. Afterwards, our experienced employees correct incorrectly scanned data in a multi-stage, manual quality assurance process – depending on the quality of the document and clients' requirements. It is often sufficient for German-speaking employees and native German speakers to check your texts. In the case of texts with gaps, we consult Germanists and experts in the respective field who can competently complete missing words or areas.